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exhibition view

performance Elisabeth Kihlstrom

Part 2, Michael Part, Nr. 88.11

Part 2, Mühlbauer, Kuno Adam

Part 3, William Wegmann, Blue Period postcards

Part 3, William Wegmann, Blue Period postcards

Composition as Explanation

Schneiderei, Vienna 2013

Following Gertrude Stein's lecture "Composition as Explanation", a quilt was presented in a series of three events. Every time with a selected design object and work by another artist. Each event involved a performative act and an artist edition.

Part 1
Hacked IKEA furniture
Elisabeth Kihlström: Nobody is doing nothing, nobody is doing nothing, 2013

Part 2
Mühlbauer: M13518 Kuno Adam, 2013, felt, sodium dithionite
Michael Part: Nr. 88.11, 2013, perfume edition

Part 3
Tin Man: Vienna Blue, 2010/2013, performance based on Vienna Blue, Global A Records, 2010
William Wegman: Blue Period, 1981, postcards

Photos: Stefan Lux (second from top), Yuki Higashino (third from top), Elena Henrich (last)